our approach


We focus on the quality of our produce to create the best British, European and Asian-inspired dishes. Nothing formal or stuffy – we bring an accessible, exciting food culture to informal but luxurious surroundings.


We believe that meat that is slow-grown tastes best, traditional breeds from this area should be championed at source and that seasonal ingredients yield the very best meals. We have a great respect for traditional, holistic land management and farming practice, which is why all of our meat is sourced direct from farms as local as possible to The Black Bull. We draw upon our living larder of wild and foraged produce, from local game to freshwater fish and hedgerow berries. Highest welfare is a must. 

Finally, we believe that a great menu is founded upon a network of like-minded, trusted friends and suppliers. Information about our partners and providers, whom we are proud to support, and be supported by, can be seen on our Friends of the Black Bull page.

James and Nina