We focus on the quality of our produce to create the best British, European and Asian-inspired dishes.

The Black Bull’s dining room is very much focused on serving an array of delicious dishes crafted from the freshest possible produce available from the surrounding landscape.

We believe that meat that is slow-grown tastes best, traditional breeds from this area should be championed at source and that seasonal ingredients yield the very best meals.

These are dishes with a twist, inspired by the fusion of two very different cultures, Nina’s rich Japanese heritage and James’s Dales upbringing…


sample menus

Our seasonal approach means that our menus change daily to reflect the best ingredients available to us at any given time.

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Our wine list reflects the same, all-encompassing approach to provenance.

We look at all of the environmental factors involved in the production of the wines we source, including the people that make them, the land they manage and how they manage it, as well as just the grapes.

Keeping these in line with all of our own principles means that our wine list is in harmony with our menu.